04 December 2008

Possession is 9/10 of the law

And my mother-in-law should be thankful I don't abide by the above maxim.

We're back home after a couple of days 'out West' in the wilds of south Dougherty County, Georgia. Yesterday we made the 90-ish minute drive over to Dothan, Ala., where we visited Dad. He had surgery that morning to remove a cancerous prostate, and I'm happy to report that the procedure went well, and he was quite talkative for a man in his shape. Not surprisingly, he was quite tired and nodded off more than a few times while we were all talking. It was myself, Sera, my brother and mother all cramped into that little hospital room.

I think he's going home today. Talk about "drive-thru hospital service."

Thanks many times over for all of your prayers and concern. I truly appreciate them.

Okay, now to the other matter at hand: Your Blog Host almost committed an act of dognapping. It involves my "granddaughter" Daisy. Puddy gave birth to one litter back in 1999. There were nine in all, but three died, leaving six. Of those, three found homes elsewhere and the remaining three would go on to live in my in-laws' backyard. Two boys and one girl, and they were christened Bo, Luke and Daisy (if you care to "hazzard" a guess how my FIL arrived at those names). Those are/were their real names. Puddy, I'm sure you know, is a nickname -- her real name is Gabby.

Early in April, Luke died from heartworms. And last month, Bo left us. Same cause.

Which leaves Daisy. My FIL had her checked head to paw, and - fortunately (!!!!) - she is fit as a fiddle. Now Daisy is an inside dog, and I can only guess she's in mourning. She's never been alone in all of her life, and has pretty much lived her life to date in the shadow of her brothers.

Now that it's just her, she is now the shadow of my in-laws. And when I say "shadow", it's hard to convey just how much I mean that. Daisy will not go anywhere away from human lifeforms. She dutifully goes outside when MIL takes her out to "go potty." But the moment she goes anywhere the door, Daisy wastes no time getting there first.

I cannot begin to fathom whatever stages a dog goes through when they've lost a loved one. They're "pack" animals, so you know they grieve.

But when we got there Tuesday night, I was finally able to give Daisy some one-on-one attention. Indeed, it was impossible to ignore the girl. She jumped onto the couch, and - I swear to gawd - started giving me 'huggies' and cuddled closely to me, just as her own mother is famous for doing.

You know something? It was like a time machine. It was like Puddy several years ago, back when she was still a spritely girl, with full eyesight and hearing. The two dogs are alike in so many ways, not just in temperament, but in look. The only big differences being Daisy has a 'dirtier' blond coat, and the white "freckles" covering her nose:

Mother/Daughter photo-op this morning. Daisy is on the left, and of course Puddy/Gabby is sitting right. I'm holding their leashes, because they were hardly in a mood to be cooperative for a picture-takin' session. A couple of other dogs from the neighborhood were wandering into the yard, hoping to join in on what they perceived to be a social gathering. Daisy was starting to growl and wanted this damned charade to be over. Puddy - now deaf as well as mostly blind - appeared oblivious to the other canine creatures. She's looking in that direction, but made no acknowledgment of this company comin' over.

Here I am, posing with my "daughter" and "granddaughter." Honest, I so wanted to 'steal' Daisy and take her back here with us.

In the end, I made the wiser decision: staying on my mother-in-law's good side.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "I still want her, though!" Gleck


Kate/Susan said...

Sweet pictures and sweet girls! I miss my buddy Puddy, so I can imagine Daisy is just as darling.

But having to make the choice, I think I'd do the same. MIL's are not to be crossed!

nettiemac said...

Is she not BEAUTIFUL? I would have been hard-pressed to let her go, too. What a CUTIE!!!