07 January 2009

Back in the saddle again......

First weigh-in tonight since before Christmas. And my second plus sign: +1.2

I knew going in that it wouldn't be a green number .... for one thing, I didn't do a whole lot of counting points during Festivus. Between traveling to and from Alabama, the time spent going and doing while Tiger was over here, the daily point target was by and large ignored. I didn't go overboard, ala Birmingham or pre-WW, but it wasn't my model behavior either.

The other thing complicating the mix was what I first thought was a badly sprained ankle. I was barely able to walk between Tuesday (30th) and Thursday (1st). Seraphim and I had our traditional "Two-Year Kiss" sitting down! (the 2YK is a Tal & Sera tradition -- we start kissing at 11:59:50 and go until about 12:00:05 or so ... ever since 1998-1999, our years begin and end the same way: joined at the lips, in a sweet embrace). Anyhoo, the parallel pain on my big toe was a dead giveaway: this wasn't a sprain, but instead a gout attack all over my right foot.

Today, it's still a tad bit sore and I'm not limping spastically like I was a week ago. That's good. What isn't good is that with a bad foot I wasn't able to do any walking of consequence. Little to no activity.

I went in there hoping for the damage to be contained to no more than two (2) pounds gained, so in that way it was good news.

And now it's back to The Format. A new year, and some new goals (as you can tell, I didn't make 55 by year's end). And they are:

60 pounds removed by Wednesday, 17 February (two days before our planned trip to West Virginia). If I cannot make 60, then I'll settle for 59 even: 20% of my May '08 weight gone. That's six (6) weeks from tonight. All I need is -1.1 pounds per week and I'll have that nailed.

My initial goal ... - 75 pounds removed by May 5 (one year on WW) ... I believe is still workable, even with going off program next month for the Big West Virginia-Kentucky-Missouri-Tennessee Roadtrip. 17 weeks away ... so, assuming a two-pound gain after vacation, that'll give me a par of -1.39 per week. Okay, the pressure is on. There's no longer any room for error. And the 75 goal is what I really want to make.

As 2009 begins, the cume number is readjusted to 53.4 pounds.

Now to get this damned foot de-gouted, so I can get back into a little movement.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "still over 50 pounds, though" Gleck

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