21 January 2009

A deferred pound ... and my 'fats refund'

I noticed a piece of fuzzy math* tonight on my Weight Watchers chart
* = Farewell, Dubya. And good riddance!

Last week, if you joined us, you'll remember that I was down 1.6 pounds, for an even total of 55.0 .... well, after the lady said I'd dropped -0.2 this week, I looked at the number, and it indicated an even 239.0. Waaaaait a minute. That meant I was actually down -2.6 last week.

Okay, we'll call it -1.2, because that looks a helluvalot better. Plus, that was done with a sweatshirt thicker than my other ones. I forgot my "weigh-in t-shirt", and even had I not, it's colder than a Wiccan's mammary gland. At any rate, the effective drop was in all probability a half pound more.

There you are. Another week of green numerals, and getting closer to my 20% threshold (59.0 even). 2.8 more pounds to go. And 3.8 until I hit -60. Four (4) weeks away from West Virginia, so things still look positive.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Deplumpified" Gleck