08 January 2009

A derelict relic

....sitting on an old picnic table. (Or, for those who remember Yogi Bear, "pic-a-nick table")

I figured it was time for another thumbnail in the new year, so I pulled it from the above shot. Sera took this at an abandoned roadside park along US-301 north of Folkston, Ga.

30+ years ago, this was likely an attractive, well-manicured rest and lunch spot for all the Florida-bound travelers back when I-95 wasn't complete (the final link - opened in 1978 - was the Savannah River stretch between Hardeeville and I-16).

I've told of my chemical aversion to deviled ham and the reason that is so. It's all of no matter; I'd gladly eat a can straight, no chaser, if I could again experience the idyll of a roadside picnic in a place like this, back in its prime.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "No household garbage in state litter barrels" Gleck

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Georgia Road Geek said...

Great find on US 301.

Thanks for sharing.