15 January 2009

Planned routing for WV '09

Here's the projected path we'll be taking for Tal & Sera's Excellent West Virginia (And Then Some) Adventure 2009:

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My wife took one look at this, and thought it looked like a whale - including tail and blowhole. And went on to call this upcoming vacation "one whale of a trip."

We chose to extend this roadtrip to take in some other points further westward, milking the relatively cheap gasoline this go 'round (gas was at the $3.00 level last February, and who knows how high it could be in the future!).

The agenda, as it stands now:

FRIDAY, 02/20: Leave home and arrive about suppertime in Harman, WV. The beginning of Gleckfest '09 -- with Kate/Susan, The General, Melissa and - hopefully - Nettiemac. (Okay, since this won't be taking place at our house, maybe we ought to consider another name for the second annual "-Fest") We'll be here until Monday morning.
SATURDAY, 02/21: Fashnacht at Helvetia, WV. This promises to be a very interesting time.
MONDAY, 02/23: Rustic Retreat in our beloved Mount Nebo, WV. We'll be here through Wednesday.
WEDNESDAY, 02/25: Leave West Virginia and drive to Cave City, Kentucky. We'll spend the night in a teepee. How could we not??
THURSDAY, 02/26: Harrah's in Tunica, Miss. The casinos are calling. So is Paula Deen's buffet. It's so crowded at The Lady And Sons that we're having to drive all the way to Mississippi just to have a crack at her cooking.
FRIDAY, 02/27: Sikeston, Mo. Plain ol' motel. Visiting friends in Sikeston and Cape Girardeau. Plan a small detour for the Hickman, Ky. ferry across the Mississippi ... provided it's back in operation by next month (the website currently says it's temporarily closed. Fingers crossed.....)
SATURDAY, 02/28: Long haul from Sikeston down to Albany, Ga. (Sera's parents).
SUNDAY, 03/01: And back home.

Initially, we were going from Cave City to Sikeston, followed by spending Friday night in Tunica. Then we saw the room rates at Harrah's: $35/night weeknights; $185/night on weekends. Phew!! So we reversed the trip ... which explains the "fish tail." If faced with driving an extra 150 miles over spending 150 extra dollars for the same motel room ... well, I'm sure you'd do the same thing.

Plans, as always, subject to change. Any ideas or suggestions for things to do ... well, lay 'em on us.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "The mountains are calling" Gleck

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