18 February 2009

Another goal clinched!

On the WW scale tonight, the number indicated -2.0 even! Holy crap, you know what that means? Two things:

1) I made my goal of breaking 60 before The Big Roadtrip of '09. -60.4, to be exact.

2) I also passed 59 pounds, my 20% threshold.

But it means something else, too: back to the fifties for the next weigh-in, because part of our upcoming vacation also entails not counting points. Not to the extent I did during last Fall's Birmingham junket, but I'm not going to sweat a Denny's breakfast, a reasonable fast food lunch and Bob Evan's for supper in the same day. I will have some heavenly Tudor's Biscuits in West Virginia. I will have Lambert's in Sikeston. And I will have the Paula Deen buffet in Tunica. The regular habits will otherwise remain.

To quote the wise and learned Seraphim Gleck: "We're on vacation, dammit!"

My goal for this trip is for the damage to be contained to an even two pounds. In other words, for me to be back to no less than 58.4 in two weeks (Wednesday, 4 March).

Closed-circuit to Kate/Susan: In the middle of my celebration exist some ambivalence of its own. I really, really need a break from the format myself. I'm not going to quit; there's too much at stake here (much of it my own personal ego). Instead, I'm going to allow for a two-week holiday. It won't take me back to 295. It won't undo all I've done so far. And such a thing wouldn't mess things up for you, either.

And that's all I have to say about that, Jen-NAY.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "234.8" Gleck

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