13 February 2009

Quality never goes out of style ... it just falls off my shriveling hiney

Above is a picture my wife took the other night. Next week I have a "function" I need to attend, necessitating the dusting-off of my suit.

Wait. There are two of 'em to my name. One I bought in 2007 -- after my 1999-vintage suit no longer fit. Then there's the one Sera found on Freecycle last Summer. I tried it on first, but I have a ways to go before I can squeeze into that one without looking like I "play for other team."

So, expecting the worst, I put on the '07 suit. The jacket, ohhhh, has a little more room in it. Baggy, but workable, especially since a lot of folks at this event will not have seen me since pre-WW (last May).

Next, I put on the suit pants. Which brings me to the above picture.

Here's hoping those puppies can be altered.

And now to other news: those size-36 Levi's my Mom got for me last Fall ..... they now fit. Which is good because my 38 jeans are on the verge of causing me to violate various municipal "no-sag" ordinances.

Good gawd, I don't remember the last time I was in 36 jeans.

And the melting continues........

--Talmadge "Denim Drop" Gleck

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