15 March 2009

Roadtrip '09, DAY 5: Chillin' in the cabin

Tal & Sera's Big 2009 Roadtrip
DAY FIVE - Tuesday, 24 February.
At Rustic Retreats cabins in Mount Nebo, West Virginia.
Miles traveled: 0.0

Today we planned on staying in the cabin and not going anywhere.


The problem is, we had plans on our last two West Virginia trips to have a day of hanging out in the cabin, where the car stayed parked.

2007 = didn't happen. We just had to drive around and explore the landscape after a freak late-season snowstorm we experienced.

2008 = We went into Summersville to have a craptastic Pizza Hut lunch buffet, and poke around in the Salvation Army store downtown.

2009 = We did it. Rupert had his well-earned day of rest, and so did we.

At 10:00, I awakened to ... surprise, surprise ... the sounds of Little House on the Prairie. That opening theme means two things: 1) It's a weekday; 2) My wife is not working, and is instead in front of a television within earshot of my person.

Breakfast - such as it was - consisted of a couple of Pop Tarts, and as Sera watched the first of two LHOTP eps, I pulled out the laptop and got to work on putting together the March update for a website I run on the side, and then upload at a point when I find a good wi-fi connection (read: anywhere but here!). I resized the scanned adverts and arranged them into my various templates (1949, 1959, 1969 and 1979). I wanted to get those finished so I wouldn't have to worry about doing those after we got back home, and committing "Pookatude" - the uber-cardinal sin of being more than 24 hours late with getting the update online. Long story. "Mr. Pooka" is a big pest, and we'll leave it at that.

My awesome wife had chicken & rice ready just in time for finishing up the project. I had that while Sera had her Bob Evans leftovers from last night.

When I finished up that chickeneyrice-tastic lunch, I took a short nap. And my wife had the camera ready.

The massive amounts of caffeine in Diet Mountain Dew are no match for Talmadge.

After Sera finished watching the afternoon batch of Little House (ohhhh what a shock), it was her turn; she went into the bedroom for a nap. While she did just that, I went outside to do a little bit of walking.

First, though, was some unfinished business. Last year, we had pictures taken of us outside. One was of the two of us, and another was of each of us individually. What I've wanted to do since going on Weight Watchers last May is take another picture from the same vantage point. The trouble was, Sera was already into her nap, and it was going to be dark before too much longer. Solution? Use the timer on the camera. That's what we did for the picture of both of us. Since there was too much snow on the rock where I sat last year, I winged it.

And here ya go. I'm even wearing the same sweatshirt, too:
What a difference 60 pounds makes.

It's profoundly disturbing, that's for damn sure. That left picture, much as I wish it to be, is not a sideways distorted image. Good gawd on a snowy mountaintop, was I ever that big? Apparently so.

That picture now out of the way, I went on my walk, where I drank, gulped, and otherwise chug-a-lugged my surroundings, hyperventilating and trying to cram 51 weeks of West Virginia beauty into the space of 51 minutes.

Looking down from the road toward our cabin, and Rupert.

A few scenes of nature from our sweet and peaceful hollow.

I would not have traded the time with our friends eastward for anything. Still, it was now I wished we could stay here for a few more days and just sacrifice the rest of our vacation plans. Two days is not long enough here. I already miss it, and we haven't left yet!

I love West Virginia, and while we still have lots of fun yet to come, I'm going to be very sad to leave the state. That woman at the shop in Helvetia is right — West Virginia has such a richness in spirit. I feel it in abundance. I am soberly in love with this place. And I so want to retire here someday.

Sera woke up about 7:30, and got started on supper. And it was steak-tastic ... she cooked us some New York strips, with a baked potato and corn on the cob. Then it was a soak in the hot tub for dessert (insert Eddie Murphy as James Brown here), and then we called it a day at about midnight. Tomorrow is a long day of driving. Rupert is rested up, so too we should.

To be continued.........


Dead skunks spotted and/or smelled: 0
Bob Evans restaurants passed: 0 (we didn't go anywhere, remember?)
Diet Mountain Dews consumed: 3
Minutes spent taking a walk: 51
Minutes spent in the hot tub: 45
Time spent on website updates: 162

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