25 March 2009

Three letters.......

W T F ? ? ! !

I cannot even fathom this puppy. My activity quotient does lack, although it's better than in past weeks. I drank plenty of liquids. I stayed within points, except trying out a system where I 'reset' daily points at suppertime (allowing for any curve-balls at night, figuring it's easier for myself to reconfigure lunch plans the next day, ya know?).

The scale said I went up +2.8. Yowzah, that's not a good prize. Cume resets to -56.6

Ate one (1) Egg McMuffin this morning, with a stop through Chick-Fil-A for a large diet lemonade ... and one (1) can of tuna, and nursing a liter bottle of diet lemonade (forget the brand name; can only find it at Fred's, of all places ... really good, almost as good as CFA's). Last night it was a Subway pepperoni pizza with a DMD.

Dunno. Maybe this'll straighten itself out next week. One thing I do know: I've got to find another night to go to a WW meeting. I have officially had my fill of this leader. First, she was jockeying as receptionist, and her "that's good, that's good", and on top of that getting the math wrong (3 POUNDS ... that's fuzzier than what's-his-W!). I cannot talk to her. She does not listen to a (BLEEP)damned word I say. She's just like my maternal grandmother -- saying "uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh" as a continuous loop while I'm talking ... when a person does that, they're not listening. They couldn't care less what you're saying.

We're skipping meetings because, frankly, I have no desire to take part in the Richard-Simmons-on-speed uber-cheerleading. "Better living through chemistry" about covers it.

I'm debating the merits of a Thursday evening out in the wilds of Bloomingdale. What say you, Seraphim?

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "At least I'm still over 55" Gleck

PS - The rest of the travelogue is coming down the pipe. Give me a few more days.....


Kate/Susan said...

That is definitely rough. I hate those weeks when it makes no sense at all what's going on in there. According to my home scale, I'm all over the place this week, so lord only knows what's going to happen.

Hopefully a new leader will work. Too bad Nettie can't come be your leader! You'd be 100 pounds in no time :-) I like our leader, but she forgets about the little celebrations if there's a big celebration on tap. I got passed over for 65 because there was a lifer and 20% because there was a 100 pound member. *Sigh* But I spoke up and got my gear.

nettiemac said...

Always, always, always seek out another meeting if the one you're in isn't working for you! I hate that she isn't as attentive as she perhaps could be, and that isn't good practice for keeping members coming.

As far as the weight gain, I don't know what to tell you. Having just gone through a mini-hover cycle myself, I did everything right and the scale didn't move (ok, didn't move much, or moved in circles). But all I know to do is stick with it, and it will happen.

And K/S -- keep advocating for yourself for your milestones. That might also be something your leader doesn't realize s/he's doing -- every milestone deserves to be celebrated!