01 April 2009

Boingy, boingy!

Maybe it's the barometric pressure. Yeah.

Last week, I took a +2.8 hit to my score. And tonight, every ounce of it came back off. -2.8 ... putting my cume back at -59.4! Back past 20%, but just shy of the 60.4 I reached prior to the road trip in late February.

Now, maybe we can get this train moving forward again.

We skipped the meeting tonight. I just was not in the mood .... and I was relieved to be in the weigh-in line of our regular 'receptionist', and not Simmons-On-Speed who jockeyed a second line. "SMIIIIILE ... TODAY IS A GREAAAAAAAAAAAT DAY!!!! EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUUUUUULLLL!!!

Please pardon me while I barf.

My beef isn't with sunny personalities. Many with that disposition in life are approachable and have at least one toe of one foot on the ground. And I also deal regularly with Simmons-On-Speed's polar opposite, a co-worker who defines the Eeyore character. That grates on me nearly as bad. She's otherwise solid and reliable as a worker, but the words "I'm not all here today" are getting really old.

In a side note, after being iffy about them all these years, I think I've now accepted the Chick-Fil-A chargrill chicken. Enjoy it, even. I don't like that it's more expensive than the regular CFA sammich, even ordering without the 'garden' (which they knock off the price if you order without a tomato and lettuce), but I do love that such an item clocks in at only 5 points.

Another week in the life......

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "235.8 ... AGAIN" Gleck

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Kate/Susan said...

Woo hoo! Congrats :-) Next week you'll be over 60, I feel sure of it!