09 April 2009

Plateauuuuuuuoooooooh @#$%!!!

Melissa called it "delay of game."

I call it "a royal pain in the nethers."

Monday, my nekkidweight™ indicated 231.4 ... the first time I've seen it below 232. I figured on it being a decent week, perhaps just enough to get me back above -60.

Nada. The Platform of Nidetch spoketh: +0.2, resetting the cume to -59.2. If there's any consolation, I'm still above 20%.

BUT: the next morning, the nekkidweight™ was even better: 230.3! Oh, and we got our folders from the center, and will start our weigh-ins down in Bloomingdale next Thursday (04/16).

One thing I've begun doing, what with these nippy evenings, is take a late-night walk around our cul-de-sac, and out to the road behind our house. It's quiet, there are no barking dogs and few cars on said "road behind our house." I put on the earbuds, and start a good OTR (old time radio) mystery program, and just get lost in my minds' theater. The programs last 30 minutes, and I time it to where I'm getting near the house again by show's end.

Ramp up the walks, and uptick the water. But what I do not want to resort to is not using my weekly 35 'flex' points. I freely admit using most of them - usually in the neighborhood of 30 - each week. That's what they're for, and I save 'em for the weekend, usually Saturday. That's my 'reward' for being good throughout the week. The weekly points, I can only ass/u/me, are built into the "format" for a successful drop. Right?

Two things I'm afraid of were I not to dip into the 35: 1) this decrepit body will go into "famine" mode, and my metabolism will slam on its brakes; and 2) I'll be tempted to stray from The Format.

Any thoughts? Lay 'em on me. I really want to blast out of this rut.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "236 even" Gleck

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