23 April 2009

Two, baby ... two!

A good result tonight at weigh-in .... I dropped an even -2.0. I do know I've had two good weeks, where I've walked a good two miles at least five days out of each seven.

Cume total is now up to -62.8 pounds, with a weight of 232.4. I'm two weeks away from my one-year anniversary weigh-in (actual date is May 5), and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for hitting 65 by then.

Tomorrow I'm headed for Alabama to see the kid (Friday night he's in his high school's drama production), and possibly engaging in a cool activity on Sunday. I've discovered a place in the middle of the state I'm very eager to check out. More on that after the weekend.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "On a roll again ... we hope" Gleck

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