21 May 2009

Crimson and Clover

First, the "Crimson":

So I thought it convenient to drive into town today (I usually work from home on Thursdays, but often burn the midnight - or later - oil, doing most of my work late on Wednesday) and get Rupert's oil changed and his shoes rotumtated. And, while here, go ahead and weigh-in. The center has 12:30 and 2:30 meetings during the day on Thursdays.

Wrong. No 2:30. Well, crap ... and now I don't want to eat anything, it being some three hours 'till the next chance to weigh in.

So I go down to J.C. Lewis and have The Rupert King Family SUVster serviced. They have wi-fi in the service area, so I brought the laptop.

Did I mention how much I love having wireless access in the waiting area? Gone are the days of watching a fuzzy picture on a hinky old TV, or browsing various old magazines.

The buggy needed new brake pads, so I had 'em go ahead and do that ... that would take another hour, which at that point I didn't mind; besides, what else would I do?

Rupert was finished up just in time to head back toward the WW center. Got there, and stepped on the scale:

-1.4 Good. I'll take that and make a mad dash. Woo-hoo!

Total weight-displacement stands at -66.8 I am now 228.4 pounds, a mere 8.2 away from The Big 7-5.

It's been a dank and rainy day around here ... the temperature has hovered around 70 degrees, but I was hoping to do some walking tonight. Guess that's not gonna happen.

In other news, check out the pleasant surprise a visitor to this blog shared with me:
That, longtime readers of Five Flavors (all 2 of you, myself included) will remember, is the Clover Inn of Santee, South Carolina. Thanks a rotosphere to John Ashlin for offering up a truly rare postcard image of that sign back in its prime.

A couple years ago, I made a post about the old "Santee strip", once one of the largest aggregation of motels along the eastern seaboard. While this property has been cleared out, and that old sign removed, it remained - in a rotting state - until 2008:
Above is a comparison of the Clover sign as it looked circa 1967 ... with a picture I took of the sign early in 2007. I wish I had the means and the room to have saved this piece of vintage roadside beauty before it met a rendezvous with a bulldozer and scrap heap.

It breaks my heart to look at the 2007 picture, as my brain always morphs it into her glory days, when her inert gases cast forth a colorful nighttime herald along US-15/301. My mind then starts thinking back to when I was little, and such sights were commonplace.

The Sputnik-like thing on top of the Clover Inn sign is called a rotosphere. Many of those were made in the late '50s/early '60s timeframe, inspired by the whole 'space-age' feel of the day. Each spike had neon tubing, and the whole thing had three separate rotating mechanisms. That whole sign, with rotosphere, was said to have set back the Clover's owner some $20,000. 1960s dollars, mind you. Many thought him crazy. Obviously he had the last laugh.

One rotosphere specimen is a big part of my childhood memories, and it sat atop the Eastwood Lanes in Birmingham, Ala. from its opening in 1959 or so, until 2006, when it was leveled....
This picture is from September 2005. Talk about space-age elegance ... the architecture of the old Eastwood Lanes just oozed it. Especially the circular motif of the front breezeway. Alas, she is no more.

A "damn you!" shout to Kate/Susan. Because of her crazy idea of going to see Janet Evanovich in New Jersey, so does my wife (seeing as how she missed the chance last time the author was in our neck of the woods). Sera wants to go to New Jersey. And, since I've never ventured into The Garden State's boundaries, I do too. So we've planned a roadtrip for late June.

Besides, we're jonesin' to see our new "niece." So we're going. And, as a nice bonus, that puts me back in the close proximity of the last-surviving Horne's Restaurant (Port Royal). I'll be suspending my Format long enough to enjoy another fine Horne's milkshake. Last one was 2003, and I'm ready for another.

Janet E. is "chick lit", and as such doesn't do much for me. Who cares -- the road is a-callin'!

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Did somebody say ROADTRIP??" Gleck


Lauren said...

Hey, I've been to that Horne's! I had no idea it was the last of its kind (although I do remember my father-in-law telling me it rivaled Stuckey's).

nettiemac said...

1. Congrats on the loss!

2. Color me pea-green with envy on the Jersey trip, and on getting to see our new "niece" first!! :D (Okay, I'm betting Melissa was really first but.....) If I didn't already have vacay planned for July, I'd be getting in line behind you where 85 & 77 cross.

3. Enjoy the shake, too!!!

Talmadge Gleck said...

In line behind us, nothing. We'd have just had you drive down here and then ride up with us. A 10-hour roadtrip, all three of us ... boy, would that be a real hoot.

Never too late, though. If some miracle rears itself, clouds part just the right way, etc., let us know.

Talmadge Gleck said...

Lauren: Horne's was indeed a rival to Stuckey's, right down the rooftops -- yellow, to Stuckey's teal color. It was founded by Bob Horne, who started out in the employ of the Stuckey's company. After being told his candymaking services were no longer needed, the spurned gentleman took what he learned from Bill Stuckey and formed a competing chain ... although he dabbled more in motels than Stuckey's did.

I remember seeing a lot of Horne's locations in Florida back in the day.

A very good tribute is here: