10 May 2009

A really good week ... and a question

So a few more pounds came blasting out of me this week. At Thursday's weigh-in, I was down an even -3.0, which gives me an effective one-year total of -65.0! Effective, as in my last weigh-in was before my first anniversary on WW (May 5). Therefore, my final answer is that I have displaced 65 pounds after one year of doing Weight Watchers.

10 pounds left until I reach the magic 75.

And now a question which maybe Nettiemac can answer. In looking at the "Melting, melting" chart to the left, where I have a running total of each weigh-in, I see no odd numerals past the decimal. Either it's a weird coinky-dink that all of my drops have been of even-numbered fractions, or else the WW scales go only in steps of .0/.2/.4/.6/.8 ..... hmmmmm .....

On that note, ciao for niao. And - if it applies to you - Happy Mother's Day (that means you, too, Kate/Susan!)

--Talmadge "230.2" Gleck

PS to Kate/Susan: when are you going to add "...mother..." to your exhaustive personal vitae??


Kate/Susan said...

Congrats on the big drop! So proud of you. I skipped again this week, it has been ROUGH adjusting without worrying about point counting. My goal this week is to get it together--post-Mothers-Day-Melting-Pot extravaganza of course! My 1 year is May 25th. I would love to be at 75 for that, we'll see how it goes!

Thanks for the mother's day wishes here and on FB. I'm off to add MOTHER to my list now, thanks for the reminder!!

Big hugs to you and Amy.


Lauren said...

Actually, Tal, I think the WW scales *do* only go in increments of two-tenths of a pound. It's pretty impossible to find an electronic scale that does otherwise.

When we were buying a scale for our house (obviously not as fancy as the WW scales), most of the scales only had half-pound increments, but we sprung for the two-tenths. (May be different now--this was a couple of years ago.)

Congrats on the continuing losses. I really need to get back in gear!

Talmadge Gleck said...

Hmmmm, I haven't noticed on OUR scale. It goes in tenths, so who knows. Haven't noticed until the other day, but all this makes sense now. I've never given the matter thought, so live and learn! :-)

nettiemac said...

I think the WW Center scales, as well as their branded scales (that you can buy at fine retailers near you), all have the 0.2 pound increments. I know our WW home scale works on the 0.2 pound increments.

BTW, a big congratulations on the anniversary and the loss!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!