04 June 2009

Up, then back down

Last week was not a good number ... I was up +2.6, but tonight I took away -1.8 of it, for an even cume of -66.0 even. Yeah, okay, I can take that.

I must take a minute to gush forth with congratulations to Nettiemac, for she has made her goal weight this evening. -228 down since May 2006. To put that amount into perspective, consider that at weigh-in, my current poundage is 229.2! Annette has dropped ME. How 'bout them fat cells?

She starts maintaining, and I keep going. I lack nine (9) pounds to my big goal of 75, and a sweet 34 pounds shy of The Century Club.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Holy crap!" Gleck

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