24 September 2009

Facebook killed the Blogger star?

Or so it seems. I've been sharing stuff with friends via Facebook and have allowed this blog to grow weeds and become like the many fabulously abandoned and derelict motel and restaurant properties along US-301.

There will be more to say in the coming weeks and months. Quite a few substantial changes in the cards for these Glecks, so you'll want to keep tuned to this flea-powered daytimer AM.

The big news to share right now involves WEIGHT.

Look at the "I'm Melting! Melting!" column to your left to see how I've been doing. As you can see, I went through a phase where - most comically, if not frustrating - I plateaued to the tune of exactly ZERO change, three weeks in a row. I stayed at 223.4 pounds, with a cume drop of -71.8 ... then last week (09/17), I creeped downward by 4/10 of a pound. Yeah, okay. At least it was preceded by a minus sign.

Then came weigh-in late this morning. I didn't know how I'd do, and early this week I'd been stressing in a BIG way over a couple of things (see "substantial changes", above).

Clearly, that was to my benefit.

I stepped on the scale, and the WW receptionist said, "Well, you've lost.", and then reached for the calculator. My heart jumped, thinking maybe - just maybe - I'd dropped 2.8 pounds, enough to get to my big goal of 75.

Since last Thursday, I dropped exactly -5.0 pounds. I HAVE OFFICIALLY MADE 75, passing it by 2.2. -77.2 pounds since May 5, 2008.

So there.

My next goal is to make damned sure I can keep at least 2.2 pounds of that off, so as to stay above 75. And then make my annual trip to Birmingham without worry.

Then I'm going to continue with this journey, without the calendar or obsessive goal-making, hoping to simply be at -100 pounds before May 5, 2010 - my two-year anniversary of leaving 300 pounds in rear-view mirror.

It feels weird, truth be known. A good weird, still weird.

For the first time in nearly three (!) months, I get to say "ciao for niao"!

So, ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Gleck

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