23 April 2009

Two, baby ... two!

A good result tonight at weigh-in .... I dropped an even -2.0. I do know I've had two good weeks, where I've walked a good two miles at least five days out of each seven.

Cume total is now up to -62.8 pounds, with a weight of 232.4. I'm two weeks away from my one-year anniversary weigh-in (actual date is May 5), and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for hitting 65 by then.

Tomorrow I'm headed for Alabama to see the kid (Friday night he's in his high school's drama production), and possibly engaging in a cool activity on Sunday. I've discovered a place in the middle of the state I'm very eager to check out. More on that after the weekend.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "On a roll again ... we hope" Gleck

16 April 2009

Back above 60 ... for good this time, I hope

Tonight was a good night. For two reasons.

Thursday is going to be our new weigh-in day. Tonight Sera and I went to the meeting at a church in nearby Bloomingdale (west part of Chatham County) ... which just so happened to be presided over by the same leader as does the Monday night meetings in Rincon.

The same one whose face last May 5 said: "I give him one month, tops. Ain't no way he's gonna shake his habits."

And she got to see me officially overtake the 60 pound wall, and passing the number I reached just before our February trip. This week I dropped -1.6 pounds for a total of -60.8!

I wanted to tell Miz Tina just why we defected from the Wednesday night meetings at the Center. That'll have to wait 'till next week, as there were a lot of new members tonight at Bloomingdale -- all in it together, all seven of 'em.

As we walked into the parking lot after the meeting, another woman struck a conversation with us -- she's been doing WW for eight weeks, but started out going to another meeting in town (led by Miss Richard-Simmons-On-Speed) before changing venues herself.

For the same reason we did.

Golly, there's nothing like "independent verification."

But it was something else she said. In fact it was the first thing out of her mouth. She said words to the effect of, "That's great about hitting 60. If you can do it, then I certainly can."

Yeah, that felt good, no two ways about it. Best of all, I cannot remember the last time I felt like I actually got something out of a Weight Watchers meeting. I liked how Miz Tina remembered not just who we were, but also made references to some things I said in meetings last Summer in Rincon. Clearly she showed concern about those in her flock, and not just blowing off everything we say with an "uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh."

At any rate, I'm glad that we can look forward to a meeting again. That we don't have to ask ourselves The Clash Question each time we go for weigh-in. You know: "Should we stay or should we go now?"

Or, as I started putting it, "OOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!! or Noooooooooooh!!????" (referring to the way our former leader will launch into a hyper-applause as she says the former.)

My only hope is that meetings here don't turn into a major chick-fest, as they tended to do in Rincon. (not that WW meetings aren't already, but anyway.....)

So here we are. The game has resumed, and now I'm past 60. With fingers crossed that it also spells the end of a month-long plateau.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "234.4" Gleck

09 April 2009

Plateauuuuuuuoooooooh @#$%!!!

Melissa called it "delay of game."

I call it "a royal pain in the nethers."

Monday, my nekkidweight™ indicated 231.4 ... the first time I've seen it below 232. I figured on it being a decent week, perhaps just enough to get me back above -60.

Nada. The Platform of Nidetch spoketh: +0.2, resetting the cume to -59.2. If there's any consolation, I'm still above 20%.

BUT: the next morning, the nekkidweight™ was even better: 230.3! Oh, and we got our folders from the center, and will start our weigh-ins down in Bloomingdale next Thursday (04/16).

One thing I've begun doing, what with these nippy evenings, is take a late-night walk around our cul-de-sac, and out to the road behind our house. It's quiet, there are no barking dogs and few cars on said "road behind our house." I put on the earbuds, and start a good OTR (old time radio) mystery program, and just get lost in my minds' theater. The programs last 30 minutes, and I time it to where I'm getting near the house again by show's end.

Ramp up the walks, and uptick the water. But what I do not want to resort to is not using my weekly 35 'flex' points. I freely admit using most of them - usually in the neighborhood of 30 - each week. That's what they're for, and I save 'em for the weekend, usually Saturday. That's my 'reward' for being good throughout the week. The weekly points, I can only ass/u/me, are built into the "format" for a successful drop. Right?

Two things I'm afraid of were I not to dip into the 35: 1) this decrepit body will go into "famine" mode, and my metabolism will slam on its brakes; and 2) I'll be tempted to stray from The Format.

Any thoughts? Lay 'em on me. I really want to blast out of this rut.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "236 even" Gleck

01 April 2009

Boingy, boingy!

Maybe it's the barometric pressure. Yeah.

Last week, I took a +2.8 hit to my score. And tonight, every ounce of it came back off. -2.8 ... putting my cume back at -59.4! Back past 20%, but just shy of the 60.4 I reached prior to the road trip in late February.

Now, maybe we can get this train moving forward again.

We skipped the meeting tonight. I just was not in the mood .... and I was relieved to be in the weigh-in line of our regular 'receptionist', and not Simmons-On-Speed who jockeyed a second line. "SMIIIIILE ... TODAY IS A GREAAAAAAAAAAAT DAY!!!! EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUUUUUULLLL!!!

Please pardon me while I barf.

My beef isn't with sunny personalities. Many with that disposition in life are approachable and have at least one toe of one foot on the ground. And I also deal regularly with Simmons-On-Speed's polar opposite, a co-worker who defines the Eeyore character. That grates on me nearly as bad. She's otherwise solid and reliable as a worker, but the words "I'm not all here today" are getting really old.

In a side note, after being iffy about them all these years, I think I've now accepted the Chick-Fil-A chargrill chicken. Enjoy it, even. I don't like that it's more expensive than the regular CFA sammich, even ordering without the 'garden' (which they knock off the price if you order without a tomato and lettuce), but I do love that such an item clocks in at only 5 points.

Another week in the life......

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "235.8 ... AGAIN" Gleck