09 July 2009

Catching up.....

Well, how about that. Nearly a whole month has passed since last I posted in this space.

Guess I orta put some more words up here, lest anyone think (wishfully) that I've fallen off this planet's face.

Weight, weight, don't tell me: I'm pretty much back to where I was about a month ago: -67.0 total (228.2 pounds). This morning's weigh-in had me down -0.6 ... say it with me: "If it starts with a minus, I'm not gonna whine-us." Last week was my first since our visit up to Virginia to spend some time with our friends Kate/Susan & The General, and to see their new daughter Leah for the first time (Both she and Melissa have since blogged about what has gone down in personal lore as - perhaps - the most bizarre roadtrip I've ever made), and with all the cool places to eat up there, I simply 'didn't count points' and took whatever lumps I was dealt.

Such lumpage came in the form of a +2.8 jump just before the Fourth. Not too bad - given that I admit to having 'fudged' a bit Thursday prior to leaving (06/18) ... I weighed in with shorts, which shaved at least a pound off what it would've been otherwise. My reasoning was simple: psychological. I wanted to guarantee a minus sign before going off-program for the week. So you could say I effectively gained a pound out of the deal, something I'll take and run.

The time with the Kosiors was everything time with good friends should be, and then some. I'll have some more things to say about it in the coming days or so, and sum it up with a simple and humble thanks. You're both awesome folk.

In the meanwhile, life goes onward and back downward. 75 pounds by Summer's end ... can Tal do it?? Stay tuned to most of these same blogs to find out.

Ciao for niao.